Our staff, well versed in business
in China and Shanghai, provides solutions
for your company's problems.

In the roughly 20 years since opening an office in Shanghai in 1997, we have built relationships of trust through dealings with Chinese suppliers, mainly in Shanghai, but also from all over China. In our dealings in the suburbs of Shanghai in particular, we go beyond delivery period management, and travel to production sites to carry out thorough quality control. Our strength is our many staff with extensive knowledge of business in China and Shanghai. In addition, we offer the best supplier products for solving customer problems through our expanding network in China, Japan, and ASEAN. Going forward, we will exploit our procurement know-how in areas such as electronic components, developed over many years, and turn our focus towards EVs and other fields of cutting-edge technology.

Daimaru Kogyo International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
CEO Satoshi Imamura


  • Quality

    We supply high-quality products
    and materials from trusted suppliers based on our long track record of dealings with Shanghai, China, Japan, and ASEAN.

  • Network

    By exploiting our wide-ranging network with business sites inside China, Japan, and ASEAN, we act as a purchasing agent for all sorts of products in quantities ranging
    even one item.

  • SCM

    We provide total supply chain solutions, from raw material procurement to planning/fabrication and delivery of finished products.